Over 1,000 Pakistan Army troops to be deployed in Saudi Arabia


ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir Monday informed the Senate that over 1000 more Pakistani troops would be deployed in Saudi Arabia for training and advising the Saudi security forces.

Giving policy statement regarding deployment of more Pakistani troops in Saudi Arabia, the defence minister told the Senate session that 1600 Pakistani troops were currently deployed in Saudi Arabia.

He said that over 1000 more troops would be deployed in Saudi Arabia for training and advising the Saudi security forces. He said that currently 10,000 Saudi troops have been trained in Pakistan.

The prime minister had given approval for deployment of extra troops in Saudi Arabia, the minister told the session, which was chaired by Chairman Raza Rabbani.

The chairman termed the statement of the defence minister unsatisfactory. Farhatullah asked the defence minister that was there any decision regarding deployment of Pakistani troops along Yemen border.

Meanwhile, the Senate unanimously passed a bill seeking to decriminalise attempted suicide and providing treatment and protection to those who try to end their lives.

Under Section 325 of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), both suicide and attempted suicide are currently considered criminal offences, with the latter punishable either by a jail term of up to a year, or a fine, or both.

The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill 2017 moved by Senator Karim Khawaja and already cleared by the Senate Standing Committee on Interior proposes that the survivors of suicide attempts should be provided treatment and not awarded punishment as they try to commit suicide because of chemical changes in their brain which is nothing but a disease.

The state should treat those who seek to take their own lives like a mother, the bill argues. “A person attempts suicide only in a state of extreme frustration,” it says, demanding that the state safeguard the victims of mental illnesses and depression.

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