Online prostitution services thrive in India

Online prostitution services thrive in India

MUMBAI - Since 2013, the world's largest professional network LinkedIn has repeatedly warned its users against creating "profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution." Some, however, prefer to turn a deaf ear to these warnings.

Prostitution-related services continue to thrive in LinkedIn India, where scores of call girl profiles pledge adult entertainment, escort and massage, according to local media.

The services are especially spread across such cities as Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata, the Times of India <link> reported, citing the LinkedIn profile of a Bengaluru spa with "cute south Indian girls" and "pretty girls" from the country's Kerala state.

The newspaper cited India communications head Deepa Sapatnekar as saying that "our user agreement clearly states that profiles or content that promote escort or prostitution services are prohibited."

[image: Tokyo, Japan] CC <link> "When we become aware of profiles and other activity on the site that may be in violation of our policies, we take appropriate action. We also encourage members to report any behavior they consider to be inappropriate," he pointed.

The Times of India also quoted a Bengaluru pimp as saying on condition of anonymity that the online *prostitution* services have developed significantly, not least with the help of social media tools, including WhatsApp.