Afghan Taliban siege Afghan Army commando brigade in Faryab province


*KABUL - Commando brigade soldiers are under Taliban siege in Pashton Kot district in Faryab, members of Faryab provincial council said on Monday. *

According to the council members, the commandos are under siege in Sarhaws area in the province, TOLO News has reported.

They have called on government to send in reinforcement troops urgently and have warned that if this does not happen the area is at risk of collapsing to the insurgents.

Sebghatullah Silab, a member of Faryab provincial council, said Sarhaws is a strategic area for Taliban and they are determined to take control of it. Officials say there is a hydro-electric power dam in the area which the Taliban want control of.

“They (Taliban) last night cut off the route between another two areas, the Yaka Toot and Sarhaws areas, and 40 commandos are under siege and have no food and water,” said Silab.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has meanwhile also expressed his concerns over the Faryab security situation and ordered security departments to address the issue.

“I want the defense and interior ministries and the Directorate of National Security to pay serious attention to conflicts in the provincial capital and to the pressure on the security forces in the Sarhaws area,” said Abdullah.

Afghan defense ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri however said security forces have made good progress in their operations in Faryab.

“We had operations there and achieved good results,” said Waziri.