Turkey blames PKK linked YPG for Ankara blast

Turkey blames PKK linked YPG for Ankara blast
ANKARA: Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu blamed Syrian PKK group  linked YPG for the blast in Ankara that left 28 people dead.


He said “It has with certainty been revealed that this attack was carried out by members of terrorist organization in Turkey in cooperation with a YPG member who infiltrated from Syria.”


He claimed that bomber was a Syrian national named Salih Necar who has been identified from fingerprints taken from refugees at the time of border crossing.


14 people have been allegedly arrested in nationwide raids.


Turkish PM vowed to retaliate in both Syria and Iraq and launched airstrikes and shelling on YPG and PKK targets.


He claimed that 70 militants have been killed in airstrikes.


He urged US and other allies to pick a side and end cooperation with YPG in Syria.


YPG and PKK denied their involvement in attack and claimed that they don’t know who is responsible.


At least 28 people died on Wednesday in a targeted attack on military buses in Turkish capital near parliament building in which 27 were military personnel.


103 people died in October when two ISIS suicide bombers blew themselves up during a Kurdish peace rally but the Kurds claims that Turkish military intelligence is involved in the attacks.