EU and USA warns China over South China Sea row

EU and USA warns China over South China Sea row
LONDON: EU and USA warned China over South China Sea row and claimed that it will raise tensions in the region.


US and EU urged China to respect an international court ruling on South China Sea dispute expected later this year.


US defense official urged EU, Australia, Japan and South Korea to take action against China to bind her to court’s ruling and international law.


She said “We need to be ready to be loud and vocal, in harmony together, standing behind Philippines and the rest of the ASEAN claimants to say that this is international law, this is incredibly important, it is binding on all parties”.


China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei claimed that China refused to participate in arbitration case and Philippines scheme would never succeed.


China claims all South China Sea while ASEAN countries and Philippines claim rival parts.


Media reported that China is militarizing the South China Sea and had deployed surface to air missile system on Woody Island while China denied the claim.


South China Sea dispute case is ruling in Court of Arbitration in The Hague.


Many countries condemned China’s act and showed deep concerns but China claimed that it’s legal to take measures for territorial protection.