Pakistani PM Imran Khan breaks silence over civil Military relations

Pakistani PM Imran Khan breaks silence over civil Military relations

Prime Minister PM Imran Khan has said that the civil and military leaders share a common goal and that is it makes ‘Pakistan as one of the greatest countries in the world.’

In a recent interview with Private TV Channel, PM while talking about civil-military relations, said “There are excellent civil-military ties in the country.”

He said that “Our goals are the same that is to make Pakistan one of the greatest countries of the world.” *PDM*

Speaking on the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) matter, Imran Khan said that “I welcome them to tender their resignations today and not even await tomorrow.”

“If they resign, it would be better for Pakistan,” the prime minister said, referring to the Opposition’s threat of resigning from the assemblies soon.

The prime minister said that he would assist the Opposition if they came to Islamabad. “They cannot even last a week in Islamabad even if I support them.”

“The PDM can do anything that it wants. I am ready,” Imran Khan said.

The premier said that the PDM’s Lahore rally had damaged the Opposition’s alliance. “I am a jalsa specialist and I am telling you that this was a flop show.” *Senate Elections *

Responding to a question about Senate Elections, Imran Khan said “Show of hands means open ballot,” and “It would be better for the election to be held through open ballot as it would end corruption.”

Prime Minister said that if the senators were elected link on merit, they would play a productive role in the upper house.