I will quit but never betray my nation, says PM Imran Khan

I will quit but never betray my nation, says PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that he is the country’s elected prime minister and the army is under his command and to overthrow his government, the political opponents were trying to pressurize army.

In his interview to a private television channel on Friday, he did not have a button to turn everything right, adding that when he came into power, Pakistan s debt was between Rs 6,000 billion to Rs 30,000 billion while the country’s foreign exchange reserves had reached zero.

The prime minister said that the change [tabdeeli] was that the big names were sent to jails and for the first time, thieves were not given an NRO.

He said opposition s diatribe against the government is aimed at getting NRO which will never be granted, adding that giving NRO to those who looted the national exchequer would be a great dishonesty with the nation.

Imran Khan said that he will leave the office of prime minister but will never betray the country by giving relief to the opposition. He said their interests are in contrast with national interests and people of the country will never buy their narrative which is aimed at protecting their looted wealth.

The premier went on to say that with coordination of national institutions including Pakistan Army, we effectively managed the adverse impact of Corona pandemic and now entire world is appreciating our efforts in this regard.