Facebook launches new COVID - 19 linked feature

Facebook launches new COVID - 19 linked feature

Facebook has recently revised its advertising policy stating that it will now run the COVID-19 vaccine commercials before they take the market for commercial gain.

According to the reports, Facebook recently said that it would begin deleting conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. The list includes all advertising relating to medical face masks, hand sanitizers, and test kits for COVID-19.

Facebook link will run ads as long as it contains information regarding the prevention of virus. However, misinformation will not be permitted.

Facebook releases the statement saying, “Given the recent approval of COVID-19 vaccines, we want people to be able to safely promote information about these vaccines on Facebook. We will now allow ads that highlight the ability of a COVID-19 vaccine to prevent someone from contracting the virus, as well as ads promoting ways to safely access a COVID-19 vaccine.”

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