Special Tourist Protection Force to be deployed at Murree

Special Tourist Protection Force to be deployed at Murree

RAWALPINDI - Punjab government has decided to deploy Special tourist protectionist force at Muree. The deployment of force is aimed at safeguarding picnickers against hostilities and any untoward situation during their recreational visit.

According to details, the authorities have decided to install the close-circuit television (CCTV) cameras at crowded public places of trippers interest, and establish special Help Desks for convenience of the tourists.

According to details, the government has also directed the relevant authorities to register all the hotel guides till December 31.

Murree administration while taking action imposed section-144 against agents mafia who will not be able to force tourists to stay in their hotels.

Moreover, after the lapse of registration deadline all the hotel guides will be bound to wear a uniform, and bear name badge and card. The hotel guides shall not stop tourists vehicles at Mall Road, GPO Chowk and other routs leading to their respective places to visit or stay over .