Electricity prices to be be reduced in Pakistan

Electricity prices to be be reduced in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA) on Wednesday sought 33 Paisa per unit reduction in power tariff.

The price cut has been sought under the monthly fuel adjustment plan.

The CPPA in its application stated that it had charged consumers a reference tariff of Rs 5.04 per unit in November while the actual fuel cost turned out was Rs4.71 which is less than the amount charged and hence it should be allowed decrease the rate by Rs0.33 per unit.

According to the petition, total energy generated in November was 7545.63 GWh at a total price of Rs29.76 billion which is Rs3.9437 per unit. Of the total generation of 7545.63 GWh, the net electricity delivered to Discos were 7318.16 GWh at Rs34.51 billion with a transmission losses of 3.01 percent.