Indian journalist receive life threats over anti rape cartoon

Indian journalist receive life threats over anti rape cartoon

NEW DELHI - Indian cartoonist and journalist, Sathi Valdamudi is in deep trouble over the issue of publishing the anti rape cartoons.

She received threats over her anti-rape cartoons. She said that she will not back off.

According to BBC, She posted a cartoon illustrating a conversation between Hindu deity Ram and his wife, Sita. She started receiving online threats for the carton.

It depicts in the cartoon that Sita is telling Ram she is "glad" she was kidnapped by demon king Ravan and not her husband's followers. The cartoon was made in the wake of two flagitious rape cases which made headlines in India last week.

Vadlamudi said that after the cartoon was published, she has received several threats online also calling for her arrest.

A case has been registered against a right-wing group by police; the group insisted that religious sentiments of Hindus are hurt by the cartoon.

A non-governmental organization which protect journalist ranked India as a less secure country for journalists. As, since 1992, almost 27 journalists having been murdered because of their work in India.

The recent incidents of rapes in India have divided the national sentiments with some demanding justice for victims, whereas, right-wing nationalists are supporting the accused.

In the last week, India has been staggered with the outrage over two recent rape incidents. Firstly, an eight-year-old Muslim girl was raped and murdered in Kathua district, secondly, while a 16-year-old girl attempted suicide outside a BJP's lawmaker's house accused him of raping her.