40 PML N Lawmakers from Punjab to quit party in coming days

40 PML N Lawmakers from Punjab to quit party in coming days

*LAHORE: Janoobi Punjab Sooba Mahaz general secretary Tahir Bashir Cheema has said that 40 lawmakers from the PML-N are ready to join his newly launched political front in the coming days.*

“We are in contact with 35 to 40 people and of those, 20 are MNAs and the rest are MPAs. By the Grace of God, many are ready to join our platform,” Mr Cheema said.

“It’s by no means a political party. This is Janoobi Punjab Sooba Mahaz which means a struggle for rights,” he said.

To a question, Mr Cheema ruled out any contacts with the establishment. “The establishment has made no contact with us and nor do we have any intention to do so.”

“Whoever we decide to go with will be based on a single point. And we will not accept any lollipop. We will pull out of the alliance after a year or so if our demands are not met,” he said.

The JPSM said that he had met former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif only once in the last five years.

“I had only one meeting with Nawaz Sharif. He doesn’t have time for us. You may call it arrogance. You may say he has little importance to public representatives.”

The JPSM was formed by eight PML-N’s lawmakers who quit the party and announced plans to launch a movement for a separate South Punjab province.