Imran Khan announces nation's support to COAS for eradicating corruption 

PESHAWAR: PTI Chairman Imran Khan appreciated the statement of Army Chief and welcomed it saying that entire nation stand by Army Chief for the eradication of scourge of terrorism and corruption.


While addressing a press conference here at Tuesday in CM House Peshawar, Imran said that it is the responsibility of government to catch corrupt people and put them behind bar instead of black mailing them.


Lashing out on federal ministers, Imran added that they do not have “Sharm o Haya” because they started to attack on charity institution SKMCH instead of responding to the controversial Panama Leaks.


If PPP is involved in corruption then it is the responsibility of the government to catch them but they are being black mailed by government, suppressing their files instead of putting them behind bar, Imran vowed to put all of them behind bar when he will come to power.


PM Nawaz is not aware of the true meaning of democracy because he grew under the shadow of dictatorship, Imran added terming dictatorship of Musharraf was better than democracy of PM Nawaz because law and order and economic situation of the country was much better in Musharraf era.