Suzuki reveals new prices and installment plans

Suzuki reveals new prices and installment plans

The Suzuki Alto offers great value for money, especially for urban driving, given its comparatively lower on-road price compared to other cars. This five-door hatchback received a cosmetic update some years ago, maintaining its top-notch features and comfort. It also features a new infotainment system, front airbags, and an impressive air intake capacity.

As the best-selling model from Pakistan's oldest car manufacturer, the Suzuki Alto has earned a reputation for its resale value, affordable maintenance, parts availability, and extensive service network across the country. Powered by a 660cc petrol engine, the Alto delivers decent power and is known for its affordability, modern design, good performance, and fuel efficiency. It's a popular choice, especially for entry-level buyers.

The Alto's updated design was introduced in 2017, featuring a small-displacement engine that excels in urban driving conditions. However, it's important to note that the recent economic challenges have led to price increases for all vehicle models, including the entry-level Suzuki Alto. This has made it less accessible to middle-class buyers, prompting many to explore easy leasing options.

Here are the latest prices for the Suzuki Alto variants in Pakistan: -

Suzuki Alto VX: Rs2,251,000 -

Suzuki Alto VXR: Rs2,612,000 -

Suzuki Alto VXR AGS: Rs2,799,000 -

Suzuki Alto AGS: Rs2,935,000

To make ownership more accessible, Suzuki offers installment plans through Alfalah Auto Loan, requiring a 30 percent down payment and a five-year installment plan.

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