Pakistan Cricket team players threatened PCB

Pakistan Cricket team players threatened PCB

During the 2022 season, Pakistani cricketers' contracts ended on June 30th, but as of now, a complete agreement on the terms of new contracts has not been reached. Senior players have presented various demands, including higher salaries, and these negotiations have been ongoing for a while. In the proposed contracts, top-format cricketers like Captain Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, and Shahin Shah Afridi were offered a substantial monthly retainer fee of 4.5 million rupees, while players in the B category were offered 3 million rupees per month.

However, players believe that after taxes and other deductions, they will only receive around 2.2 to 2.3 million rupees, which is why they are pushing for further increases.

Recently, there were reports suggesting that contract issues have been resolved, and contract announcements are imminent. However, there has been a delay in commercial contract negotiations. The cricket board's opinion is that some players are more interested in participating in leagues to earn more and secure commercial contracts instead of delivering their best performance in international cricket.

A senior player had stated a few months ago that they would not sign a contract with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after initially rejecting it due to the NOC (No Objection Certificate) for league participation. However, the PCB eventually convinced them to sign. The board is determined to maintain control and prevent players from playing without contracts, a trend that has emerged in several other countries as well. The PCB authorities have emphasized that there was no tradition of players rejecting central contracts in the past, and they hope that all players will eventually accept the terms. Positive negotiations are ongoing in this regard

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