Suzuki Pakistan to launch 9th generation variant in Pakistan

Suzuki Pakistan to launch 9th generation variant in Pakistan

Suzuki has reportedly begun developing the 9th gen Alto and is planning to reveal the car to the globe by the end of 2020. Reports also suggest that the automaker is working on the next generation of Suzuki Vitara, which would be revealed along with the aforementioned hatch-back.

The outgoing Suzuki Alto was launched in December 2014. The car is offered with a 660cc R60A 3-cylinder engine that makes 39 horsepower and 53 newton/meters of torque. The 8th gen Alto can be had with a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed AGS semi-automatic transmission. ------------------------------

The new-gen Alto will reportedly be fitted with a newly developed R60D 660cc 3-cylinder engine that would make up to 48 horsepower and 69 newton/meters of torque. The transmission options will remain the same, however, reportedly, the car will be based on a newer, lighter platform.

Rumor has it that the automaker is also working on a sportier version, which will be revealed in October 2021. The sportier version, as per various speculations, shall be equipped with a turbocharged R60D engine. The same block will be slightly reworked by the company to have a larger bore and a longer stroke, giving the car a reliable performance with more power and torque.