Highest and the lowest tax payers politicians and top leaders in Pakistan

Highest and the lowest tax payers politicians and top leaders in Pakistan

Federal Board of Revenue has released the Tax Directory of Parliamentarians for the tax year 2018 link, updated up till September 14, 2020. The combined amount of tax paid by the Parliamentarians and Senators for the year in concern stands at Rs. 80 crores or Rs. 800 million.

Among the Senators, those who have paid the highest tax amounts include Sajjad Hasan Turi from FATA with Rs. 17 million, Taj Muhammad Afridi also from FATA with R.s 28 million, and Muhammad Talha Mehmood from KP with a tax Rs. 29 million. The Senator who paid the highest amount of tax for 2018 was Muhammad Farogh Naseem with Rs 35 million.

On the other end of the spectrum, Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed, Senator Shamim Afridi, and Senator Faisal Javed did not pay any taxes, while Mirza Muhammad Afridi paid Rs. 910. ------------------------------

Among the Members of the National Assembly, Prime Minister Imran Khan paid Rs. 282,449 (or Rs 0.2 million in taxes, while Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi paid Rs. 1,83,000. His son, Makhdoom Zain Hussain, did not pay any taxes according to the FBR’s issued taxpayers list.

Asad Umar paid more than Rs. 53 million in taxes, Umar Ayub Rs. 26 million, and Hammad Azhar Rs. 59 million.

PML-N’s Shehbaz Sharif paid Rs. 9.7 million and his son, Hamza Shehbaz, paid Rs. 8.7 million in taxes for 2018. Sheikh Rasheed paid Rs 579,011 (or approximately Rs 0.58 million), and Rana Sanaullah paid Rs 1.3 million.

PPP’s Asif Ali Zardari paid Rs 2.9 million while Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s taxes paid for the year amounted to Rs 0.3 million. The tax collected from PML-Q’s Moonis Elahi stood at Rs. 5.1 million.

The highest tax collections came from former Prime Minister, Shahid Khan Abbasi, who paid Rs. 241 million in taxes, although this amount has been contributed through the association of partnerships (AOP) structure instead of individual income taxes.

Likewise, Syed Fayyaz-ud-Din paid Rs. 13.8 million as AOP taxes. In terms of individual income taxes, PTI’s Muhammad Najeeb Haroon paid a whopping Rs. 140 million in taxes in 2018. On the flip side, the NA members that did not pay any taxes include several names such as Muhammad Bashir Khan, Muhammad Sajjad, Zahid Akram Durrani, Mohsin Dawar, Ali Gohar Khan.

FBR’s tax directory also shed more light on the overall tax collection for the year ending June 30, 2018. The report showed that the companies in Pakistan paid approximately 56 percent of the total tax collection, followed by non-salaried individuals at 21% and salaried individuals at 14 percent. ------------------------------

The lowest proportion of taxes for the year ending June 2018 came from the association of partnerships that stood at 8.5 percent of the total taxes collected. While companies contributed to the highest proportion of the taxes, they form only 2 percent of the total tax filers in Pakistan. Non-salaried individuals make up for 54 percent of tax filers, salaried individuals make up for 42 percent, and the AOPs make up for 2 percent of the total tax filers.

In terms of provincial distribution, Sindh contributed the highest to FBR’s tax collection with 45 percent, followed by Punjab at 35 percent, then Islamabad Capital Territory at 15 percent, and KP and Balochistan bringing in 3.5 percent and 1.67 percent of the total taxes respectively. 0.12 percent of the total tax collection came from the Gilgit Baltistan region.