Pakistan Army officers are annoyed with US: Rescued Hostage Joshua Boyle

Pakistan Army officers are annoyed with US: Rescued Hostage Joshua Boyle

LONDON - Joshua Boyle, his American wife, Caitlan Coleman, and their three children are undergoing medical tests after they were rescued from the clutches of the Haqqani network in Aghanistan.

Taliaban-linked Haqqani took the couple hostage in 2012 after they travelled to the nation to help in the war ravaged middle east.

Caitlin was pregnant at the time and gave birth to three children in captivity.

The family were rescued Wednesday after co-operation between the US and the Pakistani military.

In a video released by Pakistan, Mr Boyle described the final day in their captors’ clutches.Mr Boyle explained Pakistani security forces stood between them and their captors during the dramatic rescue.

He said the soldier he spoke were was angry his colleagues being killed and risking their lives while Washington accuses Pakistan of working with the Haqqani network .

A Taliban group took Joshua Boyle's family hostageGETTY

The Haqqani network in Aghanistan took Joshua Boyle and his pregnant wife hostage

Mr Boyle said: “A major comes over to me while I still have blood on me.

“The street is chaos and he says to me, 'In the American media they say that we support the Haqqani network and that we make it possible. Today you have seen the truth. Did we not put bullets in those bastards?'.

“And so I can say to you I did see the truth, and the truth was that car was riddled with bullets. The ISI (Pakistan's intelligence agency) and the army got between the criminals and the car to make sure the prisoners were safe and my family was safe. 

"They put them to flight and they ran like cowards. This is proof enough to me the Pakistanis are doing everything to their utmost.”


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