China asks World to understand CPC correctly

China asks World to understand CPC correctly
BEIJING :The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is an important chance for the outside world to further understand the CPC and a deep knowledge of the CPC is a shortcut and key to comprehensive knowledge of China

The West on the whole is quite concerned about the CPC, but some Westerners still hold ideological views on it, according to Global Times here on Wednesday. The CPC has more than 89 million members, exceeding the population of Germany. 
It is not a loose-knit interest grouprevolving around elections, like a party in the West, but the blood and bones of China’s national operating mechanism, and the source of the whole country’s cohesion and mobilization. Compared with Western political parties, the CPC has distinctive characteristics. Firstly, the CPC is well-structured, highly disciplined and emphasizes unity, and thus it is swift in action. 

Party discipline is prioritized over the law, highlighting the unusual status of discipline in the CPC’s internal governance. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspectionhas played a vital role in curbing corruption since the 18th CPC National Congress, further underlying the seriousness of Party discipline. Secondly, the CPC is diligent and willing to sacrifice. 

The majority of Party members are advanced elements in their field, working around the clock, and this is the foundation of the CPC’s advancement. Being willing to contribute is the CPC’s requirement of all its members. The majority of the most arduous and difficult work of China is completed by CPC members. 

The CPC’s fundamental principle of serving the people wholeheartedly determines that corrupt officials are sooner or later kicked off the team. Thirdly, the CPC is not dogmatic, and seeks truth from facts. It has the capacity for self-reflection and the spirit of reform. The CPC is willing to learn advanced experience from all over the world. 

This ensures China progresses. Since its establishment, the CPC has faced a changing domestic and international environment and an evolving political situation. Despite twists and turns, the CPC’s general strategic direction meets the needs of the times.

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