Afghan Taliban and Afghanistan government secret talks revealed 

Afghan Taliban and Afghanistan government secret talks revealed 

DOHA: In a secret and surprise move, Afghan Taliban and Afghan government have once again engaged in Afghan peace process in Qatar .

Afghan Taliban Doha office has once again being re activated to give peace another chance.

Afghan Taliban meet Chinese Officials in Beijing: Why China is interested in Afghan peace process

The Taliban and the Afghan government restarted secret peace talks in September and have held two rounds of discussions in Qatar , Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing anonymous sources.

Citing a Taliban official, the Guardian said a senior American diplomat was present at the meetings in Qatar , where the Islamist group has a diplomatic office.

The newspaper said the talks were attended also by Mullah Abdul Manan, the brother of Afghan Taliban founder, Mullah Mohammad Omar, who died in 2013.

Afghan Taliban close in on Helmand Province capital

Officials in Kabul could not be immediately reached for comment.

Previous Pakistan-brokered peace talks yielded little progress and ground to a complete halt when the United States killed former Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour in a drone strike in Pakistan.

Afghan government and Afghan Taliban are engaged in heavy fighting in several places in Afghanistan outside the main capitals of the provinces.



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