US will not tolerate terrorist safe heavens in Pakistan: US Officials

US will not tolerate terrorist safe heavens in Pakistan: US Officials

ISLAMABAD - John C. Rood, the nominee for US’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, sharply criticized Pakistan’s continued support to terrorists and providing of safe havens to Taliban and Haqqani network, saying Washington would not tolerate such actions anymore. 


Rood and Randall G. Schriver, who is the nominee for Assistant Secretary Of Defense For Asian And Pacific Affairs, answered the US Senate Armed Services Committee’s questions where Rood said the existence of Taliban and Haqqani network safe havens in Pakistan’s soil are a real threat to the US efforts in Afghanistan. 

“Pakistanis have provided sanctuary to the Taliban and the Haqqani network and assistance that has been a real undercut to our efforts in Afghanistan and unfortunately this has been a problem that is persisted really over the 16 years of that conflict, very stubborn problem to solve. I do think the new strategy which cause for regionalizing the approach, involving India more and the reconstruction and the support of the Afghan government,” said Rood.

Meanwhile, John McCain, Chairman of US Senate’s Armed Services Committee, said US-Pakistan relations may change if Islamabad does not take action against the terrorist groups. 

“We have to tell them they have to choose, and of course Chinese influence is increasing, and as you know there is further turmoil that is ongoing as we speak. This is a very very very complex and difficult challenge we are facing,” said McCain. 

This comes after Pentagon confirmed that 3,000 additional US troops have arrived in Afghanistan and that with these forces, the number of American soldiers in the country has raised to 14,000.

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