Pentagon seeks funds for hosting Afghan Taliban

Pentagon seeks funds for hosting Afghan Taliban

*WASHINGTON - Pentagon seeks funds from US Congress for hosting Afghan Taliban.*

*However the Congress of the United States rejected Pentagons demand on funding the Taliban delegate’s expenses during peace talks, reported by American media.*

The appeal included the expenses of the Taliban delegates associated with transportation, lodging, food, and supplies.

At the same time, Pentagon stressed that the appeal was made to provide the grounds for peace talks with the Taliban.

According to Reuters, Rebecca Rebarich, Pentagon spokeswoman, said the Pentagon was seeking “to lay the groundwork in anticipation of opportunities to facilitate talks with the Afghan government to find a way to end the war.”

The Afghan government has not made any comment yet regarding this issue.

However, the Taliban rejected this report and considered it as an effort for defaming them.

The United States has had six rounds of peace talks with the Taliban delegates so far.

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