Greylist or Blast list: What would be Pakistan’s fate in FATF?

Greylist or Blast list: What would be Pakistan’s fate in FATF?

*BEIJING – The three-day dialogues between Pakistan and Financial Action Task Force (FATF) have entered in a new phase on Friday.*

In the second phase of talks, Pakistani officials presented its arguments to the FATF officials about Islamabad’s efforts against money laundering and terror financing. However, three-day dialogues between Pakistan and FATF concluded in Beijing.

Pakistani officials presented efficiency report, in which, briefed about the steps to tackle with banned outfits. A Pakistani delegation led by Finance Secretary Younus Dagha answered the questions with briefing of technical matters.

The sources said that State Bank of Pakistan , NACTA and SECP presented the case of Pakistan passionately. They told the FATF about the law draft of the proposed ban on the foreign exchange in Pakistan .

However, FATF will review the drafts and lists presented by Pakistan during this week.

It was reported that that the Customs officials apprised the FATF delegations bout measures taken to stop currency smuggling. They also informed the FATF about steps being taken to stop money laundering and 10-point action plan.

The international institution was also briefed how Pakistan stopped banking and non-banking funding of terrorists.

The next round of talks will be held from June 17-20 in the United States of America.