Veena Malik breaks silence over her relationship with Asad Khattak

Veena Malik breaks silence over her relationship with Asad Khattak

LAHORE-Veena Malik, who somehow left showbiz in 2013 after getting married to Asad Khattak. Yesterday she appeared as a guest at a Ramazan transmission at a National Channel. While taking her married life she revealed that she had filed Khula from her husband and now the couple has separated finally.

Last year, The couple was in news and headlines because of their divorce news and complications related to the marriage but they got patched up after some time but now it seems that the couple had kept hidden their divorce from the media. Veena Malik has talked first time of her divorce at the national channel and is making the viewers confused. Veena Malik left Showbiz after marriage and didn’t give any public appearing but the actresses had disclosed her decision of taking Khula in yesterday’s talk show.

Till now, she has not posted or mentioned her divorce news on her social media accounts but only told verbally while attending a Ramazan Transmission.

While talking about her relationship, she shared: “I think that marriage is very delicate and sensitive relationship and as an artist, I just wanted to set an example for us and I did. ”

Last few months before their separation, the couple shared some pictures where they can be seen hugging and kissing each other. But the good terms between the couple didn’t last long and the marriage has ended.

Veena expressed the main reason of separation was the physical abuse and mental torture by her husband. The couple had two children; one son and one daughter.