Pakistan to start Ferry Service to multiple countries: Report

Pakistan to start Ferry Service to multiple countries: Report

KARACHI: Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo said that Pakistan intends to start Ferry Service to various neighboring and middle eastern countries.

He said that the draft Ferry Policy would be presented in the next Federal Cabinet meeting for approval.

The minister said the draft policy has given a wide range of concessions, with a tax holiday up to 2040. Under the policy, there would be no duty and taxes on ferry service as well as on purchase of a ship for introducing the service in the country.

Initially, ferries will be launched from Karachi port to Iran, Dubai and Oman and eventually the routes would be enhanced to facilitate people for getting alternative sources of entertainment.

In order to promote and encourage this new service in the country, the Ministry for Maritime Affairs has also suggested that there be no port charges for 4-5 years as well as allowing prospective investors to launch both ferry and dining cruise services.

Mr Bizenjo said that during the Musharraf era, a ferry service was introduced which badly flopped because there were no rules and regulations to run a completely new trade in the country.