Meesha Shafi wants to become flag barrier of sexual harassment against Pakistani women


ISLAMABAD - Pakistani singer and actor Meesha Shafi has once again repeated her allegations of sexual misconduct against singer cum actor Ali Zafar.

Responding to a tweet, in which Meesha was asked to name all her harassers if she is a “true lady”, the Coke Studio sensation stated, “Yes only he harassed me but he didn’t harass me only. Get it."

She further added that some five other women have stepped up with similar claims against Zafar.

"Half a dozen other women coming forward not enough for you all? How many will it take? Please share a number," she asked.

Last month, in the country’s first high-profile #MeToo case, Meesha levelled allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar in a long Twitter note:

On the other hand, Ali Zafar categorically denied all alegations made against him and said that he will take the matter to courts.

In recent developments on the case, Ali Zafar served legal notice of defamation to Meesha Shafi and sought an apology from her. Meesha’s lawyers then rejected Ali Zafar’s defamation claims.