Mataf expansion in Makkah hailed by Pilgrims

ISLAMABAD, May 18 (APP): Mataf expansion in Makkah hailed by Pilgrims


Umrah pilgrims have hailed the Mataf expansion in Makkah as "distinguished" and "amazing" which would help them to perform the Hajj rituals comfortably during the Hajj 2016.


The visitors welcomed the expansion of Mataf undertaken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a private news channel reported.


Mohammad Alam, a pilgrim from Pakistan, said he did not expect the expansion in such a "beautiful way" and did not know that the Umrah rituals would be so easy, especially during the 'Tawaaf' (circumambulation) of the Holy Kaaba."My old mother did not at all get tired because of the facilities at the Haram," he added.


Hussein Maloub, a Yemeni, echoed the same views."The services provided by the Kingdom are exemplary".


"We thank the Saudi leadership and government for providing such facilities to the pilgrims," he said.


The temporary Mataf was completely dismantled and removed recently, providing much more space for worshippers to perform the congregational prayers near the Kaaba.


Up to 30,000 worshippers can perform tawaf (circumambulation of the Kaaba) per hour, which is an increase of over 20,000 per hour compared to previous times.


The area can now accommodate 105,000 worshippers per hour.