India gets a snub from top U.N. body: Report

India gets a snub from top U.N. body: Report

NEW DELHI - The UNHCR has termed the Indian media campaign as an attempts to distract and divert focus from human rights violations in occupied Kashmir. A Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, said in a statement in Geneva today, that the Indian media calling the UN body report as Nefarious conspiracy, fallacious and mala fide are unfounded and baseless.

He said that the UN Human Rights Office has a global mandate and works independently, with a well-established methodology, in its public reporting.

He lashed out at the campaign launched by the Indian media outlets at the behest of the Indian government against the UN body and UN Secretary General over UNHRC’s landmark report on Kashmir terming it puzzling and wild claims.

He also said that it had been deeply disappointed by the reaction of the Indian authorities, who dismissed the report as fallacious, tendentious and motivated without examining it and responding to the very serious concerns about the human rights situation in occupied Kashmir.