AJK Polls: PML-N intensifies the election campaign

RAWALAKOT (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister on Political Affairs Dr Asif Kirmani Sunday said 'lion' was roaring from Bhimber to Tao Butt during the election campaign in Azad Kashmir.

Addressing a meeting of party workers here, he said, "With the grace of Allah, today all roads of Azad Kashmir leads to PML-N. It is simple for people that they support Nawaz Sharif who is the architect of a modern and progressing Pakistan."

He said Nawaz Sharif had a vision to bring same kind of progress in Kashmir, which he brought in Pakistan.

Kirmani said he went all across Kashmir and could see that Peoples Party and PTI could not even begin their election campaign.

These parties cannot survive without being in power as they do not have an election manifesto or record of service to the people, he added.

He said credit went to Pakistan Muslim League(N) that it spread the vision of Nawaz Sharif for progress, prosperity and development of Kashmir.

The PML-N, he said, was the first party with a manifesto while other parties could not even give their manifesto in the previous months.

He said Abdul Majeed government and others had only one point agenda and that was to serve their own interest and fill their pockets.

Rs 300 billion was given by the federal government to AJK government but that money had not been spent for the development of the area, he added.

He said the PPP and others had weakened the Kashmir cause and sent a message across the LoC that a corrupt and incompetent government was in AJK.

Kirmani said at a time when the Modi government was killing Kashmiris in held valley, Abdul Majeed government was doing the same in Azad Kashmir.

They killed workers of PML-N and injured the party candidate Chaudhry Aziz with bullets, he added.

"Their stories of corruption can be seen everywhere and their agenda is to kill Kashmiris to save themselves from disgraceful defeat in elections."

He said the PML-N was a party with leaders who had character and


"Real thing is character of a human being. Nawaz Sharif has taught us the politics of values."

He said the message of Nawaz Sharif was of peace as the PML-N had a very different culture from other parties.

"I tell my party workers that we should not be provoked and keep campaigning with bowed heads. I urge party workers not to respond to abuse and threatening language of the opponents. We told our workers to stay peaceful and calm."

He said,"We asked the Chief Election Commissioner to take notice as it is his responsibility to hold elections in a peaceful environment."

The CEC did not take notice for two days and then afterwards came on television, he said adding hearts of people could be win with love and not with abuse and bullets.

He said the progress of Pakistan and Kashmir were interlinked and the bridge of Kohala joined hearts of people.

Nawaz Sharif wanted a bridge to join together Kashmiris across the Line of Control so that relatives on both sides can meet and share their happiness and grief, he added.

The Advisor said everybody has a right to do politics but for six months Imran Khan stayed on the container, stopped the way of progress and prosperity of Pakistan and delayed the visit of Chinese President to Pakistan.

He said Pakistan gave respect to Imran Khan but he became enemy of progress of Pakistan so he could not be the well wisher of Kashmir.