What is behind Indian Army Chief aggressive rhetoric against Pakistan China

What is behind Indian Army Chief aggressive rhetoric against Pakistan China

Lt. Gen. Retd. Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Defence Analyst)

Recent statement by Indian Army chief is very strange. It seems that these remarks are given under the pressure of Indian political leadership. Actually, US tilt towards India is destabilizing the balance of power in region.

The increasing influence of China in the region is also against American and Indian interests. India has to realize that promoting American agendas in the region will eventually damage its own national interests.

Moreover, the history tells us that the United States uses its allies as scapegoat to hide its failure. Actually being a superpower, US cannot accept its defeat. India cannot afford any misadventure with Pakistan.

The conventional wars are not a solution of any dispute; we have to adopt diplomatic ways to protect the sovereignty of our country. We are not in the favour of use of force but India must not miscalculate our policy of minimum deterrence.

Dr Huma Baqai (IR Expert)

Pakistan has clearly expressed its stance regarding Afghanistan that peace in Afghanistan is also in the best interest of Pakistan. As an ally, Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices in war on terror.

US administration must realize our desire for peace in Afghanistan. The shifting ground realities in Afghanistan are alarming; the influence of ISIS is growing in northern parts of Afghanistan.

Despite of all military advancements and technology, the United States has failed to sustain peace and desirable results in Afghanistan. There are many strategic flaws in Trump’s administration.

Moreover, giving India a strategic place in Afghanistan is another blunder by the US administration.