Modi led India is miscalculating Pakistan military ability: defence experts

Modi led India is miscalculating Pakistan military ability: defence experts

Dr.Farooq Hasnat (Defense Analyst)

The Modi led government in India has aggressive policies against Pakistan. India believes that it will emerge as regional superpower by building up military and defeating Pakistan. India will more deteriorate its national interest by hurling false accusations to pressurize Pakistan. Foreign media maintains that India's economy has been witnessing downward trajectory during Modi-led government.

India's primary intentions are to contain China's influence and dominance over Pakistan. Pakistan believes in the minimum deterrence policy. Any arms race in the region will destabilize the balance of power in the region. India is already engaged with freedom struggle in Occupied Kashmir; any misadventure with Pakistan can lead to full disaster.

Dr. Amna Mehmood (IR expert)

The recent visit of Israel’s prime minister to India fuels protests across the country. The military pacts between the two countries indicate India’s hypocrisy. On one side India has voted against Israel in UN and on the other side India is signing massive military agreements with the same state.

It shows India's frustration for dominance over the region. India believes that it can pressurize Pakistan by enhancing its military power, however it is miscalculating the our capabilities.

Mansoor Akbar Kundi (IR expert)

The FO statement is appreciable and a true representation of a free and sovereign state. Despite countless sacrifices of Pakistan in war on terror, the US is still showing aggressive postures for us. Now it is the right time for Pakistan to tell the world that any aggression from any country is not acceptable.

The current Pakistani leadership has wisely faced all the external and internal threats. As a sovereign nation we know how to safeguard our national interests. The regional situation is complex and there is an atmosphere of uncertainty in the region. The US-India nexus is sabotaging the balance of power in the region.

The role of Pakistan in these circumstances is appreciable. The China-Pakistan economic cooperation is undermining the Indian nefarious agenda to dominate the region through force.

Mushtaq Ahmed Mehr (IR expert)

Pakistan is an important regional player and being a responsible nuclear state it believes in minimum deterrence and peace full coexistence.

The geographical location of Pakistan is significant in regional development. Pakistan enjoys sound relationship with international and regional powers. The political scenario of the world is getting changed now and Pakistan has realized this shift in global political structure.

The foreign policy of Pakistan meets the new emerging standards. There is no compromise on the sovereignty and dignity of Pakistan in form of outer pressures.