PEMRA approves new licences for satellite TV Channels

PEMRA approves new licences for satellite TV Channels

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has approved the licensing process of new satellite TV channels through an open bidding process.

The 146th meeting of the PEMRA Authority was held with Chairman Saleem Baig in the chair in Islamabad. The authority after through deliberation approved the process of licensing of new satellite TV channels.

The licensing process was stayed by a bench of Lahore High Court directing the regulator to re-advertise the licensing process once a permanent chairman of the authority was appointed. ------------------------------

The authority in its meeting also determined the numbers of licenses to be issued and their genre in light of the LHC’s decision.

The meeting also approved amendments to PEMRA Television Broadcast Station Operations 2012 and in regulations regarding Security Clearance of Directors/Licensees of Satellite TV channels.