Actress Zareen Khan sexually assaulted in India

Actress Zareen Khan sexually assaulted in India

MUMBAI - Bollywood actress Zareen Khan link has reportedly been sexually assaulted in India.

Khan was invited for a store launch in Aurangabad but little did the actress know that her appearance in the town would turn into an unpleasant harrowing experience for her. Recent reports doing the rounds suggest that Zareen link mobbed by a humongous crowd of fans when she reached for the store launch event. Not just that, a few of them reportedly crossed the line when they tried to touch her inappropriately.

The said incident took place two day back when Zareen link Aurangabad for the launch of a store. The actress was mobbed by fans when she reached the venue. When she tried reaching for her car, a bunch of hooligans apparently tried to molest her. Zareen link let the indecent incident pass and gave it back to them by slapping the men behind the act.

Reportedly, the crowd also became quite unruly post the incident and the police had to resort to lathi charge to control them. An entertainment portal quoted an eye witness as saying, "Zareen link it back to them very well, those guys deserved to be put in place. Better arrangements need to be made if and when celebrities are called to any place."