UN Security Council adopts resolution to end financial assistance of ISIS


WASHINGTON: The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a co-sponsored resolution by the US and Russia aimed at disrupting the finances of the Islamic State (ISIS). The terrorist group has a steady flow of revenue from oil, antiquities sales, confiscation and other illicit activity. The new resolution would elevate ISIS (Daesh) to the same threat level as al-Qaeda. According to Voice of America, finance ministers from the 15-nation council worked on a resolution that would expand and strengthen the sanctions currently in place against al-Qaeda to focus on IS. US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power told reporters on 16 December that the draft resolution would require countries to increase their efforts to cut off funding to IS The resolution also criminalises a wide range of financial transactions. It will also urge nations to state how they are keeping money out of the hands of terrorists. The new resolution would not penalise the government who do not comply, but instead create a list to name and shame those not doing enough.(IB Times)