Teacher in Chicago sent on leave for wearing veil


WASHINGTON: Wheaton College has suspended a political science professor who said her fellow Christians and Muslims worship the same God. The prominent Christian college's decision, which sparked protest on campus, came days after Larycia Hawkins, a tenured professor, received attention in Christian media outlets after announcing she would wear a traditional headscarf, known as a hijab, through the Christian Advent season. Wearing the hijab is part of her personal effort to show solidarity with Muslims, who have faced backlash in the aftermath of recent mass shootings in San Bernardino, Calif. and Paris. In subsequent comments she made on her Facebook page, Hawkins said that the act was meant to show support for Muslims, whom she called "people of the book." She also paraphrased comments recently made by Pope Francis that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. After Hawkins' decision to wear a hijab received attention, the college issued a statement last week noting it "has no stated position on the wearing of headscarves as a gesture of care and concern."(USA Today)