No evidences of California shooting couple connection with terrorist cell of ISIS: FBI


WASHINGTON: The couple who shot 14 people dead in a massacre in California did not write about their support for ISISon social media, the FBI has said. Previous reports claimed that Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi using an account under a different name. Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, FBI director James Comey said Malik and Farook talked about their goal of “jihad and martyrdom” in private emails and messages but did not write about the issue on social media. The FBI has found no evidence the couple was part of an organised cell or had any contact with overseas terror groups. ISIS praised the pair as “martyrs” through its official propaganda channels days after the mass shooting, calling them “followers of the Islamic State”. It did not claim its militants or leadership had been involved in the California plot. Mr Comey said Isis has “revolutionised” terrorism by seeking to inspire small-scale individual attacks around the world through social media, encrypted communications and slickly produced propaganda.(The Independent)

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