Hillary Clinton unveils five points agenda to combat ISIS terrorism


WASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton sought to convince a tense nation that she was the candidate best suited to prevent homegrown terrorism , presenting a “360-degree” counter-terrorism strategy that called for a key role for American technology companies and moves to give Muslim communities a voice. Clinton outlined a five-point plan to counter homegrown radicalization and “discover and disrupt” terrorist plots before they are carried out. Speaking at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, she also proposed enhancing the screening process for visa applicants who have visited countries known to be a hotbed for terrorism . “I am confident once again we will choose resolve over fear,” Clinton said on Tuesday. “And we will defeat these new enemies just as we have defeated those who have threatened us in the past, because it is not enough to contain ISIS . We must defeat ISIS – break its momentum and then its back.” American Muslims are crucial to the fight, Clinton said. “They may be our first, last and best defense against homegrown radicalization and terrorism ,”(The Guardian)

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