Daesh rocket attacks Turkish training center in Mosul Iraq


BAGHDAD: A suspected Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh in Arabic) attacked at a northern Iraqi base killed two soldiers trained by Turkish troops and injured six, local media reported Wednesday. "Daesh militants on Wednesday launched a prolonged mortar barrage at a military base in Iraq where Turkish forces are training Sunni militiamen, killing two of the trainees and wounding six," the Kurdish Rudaw Media Network reported. Citing former Mosul Governor Atheel Nojaifi, the outlet said the three-hour attack targeted the Gudad military base in the Mosul town of Bashik. On December 4, Turkey deployed about 130 troops and 25 tanks to a base in Iraq's Mosul region in a move regarded by Baghdad as illegal. Rudaw reports the Turkish troops are stationed in Bashik and Zlekan, with the stated aim of training either Kurdish Peshmerga or Sunni Hashd al-Wataniya militia volunteers. (Sputnik)

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