Canadian Model reveals the harassment ordeal on Islamabad Street

Canadian Model reveals the harassment ordeal on Islamabad Street

*ISLAMABAD - A Canadian model and humanitarian worker registered an FIR in Islamabad on Tuesday against two suspects for sexually harassing her.*

The report was registered at the Sihala police station under sections of attempted illegal confinement, criminal intimidation and assault.

As explained in a video she posted on Wednesday, Asoomii Jay, also known as Assma Galuta, was waiting for an Uber when two men pulled up in a car and started cat-calling her in Rawalpindi’s Bahria Town Phase-VII.

Galuta was repeatedly told to get in their car. However, when she refused they followed her for the next two hours. The men also asked her Uber driver for her address.

Because they were following her, she said that she had to change her drop-off location and hide at a nearby mall until she thought they had gone.

“Then I went to my AirBnB,” she said, adding that she had their vehicle details and a video of them as proof. Galuta filed a complaint on the PM’s Citizens Portal

Islamabad IG Amir Zulfiqar Khan took notice of the incident and directed the police to arrest the culprits within 24 hours.

State Minister for Interior Shehryar Afridi also commented on the case while addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Tuesday. He said that respecting guests and tourists was every Pakistani’s religious, ethical and moral obligation. He requested youngsters to uphold the honour of the country. He also said whoever breaks the law will be penalized.