US Ambassador Nikki Haley faces embarrassment at UN as 'Trump throws her under the bus'


WASHINGTON - Nikki Halley the US ambassador to the U.N. has been left embarrassed by none other than his trusted boss Donald Trump.

She is seen as a trusted hand who has won President Trump’s confidence, to the extent that she is often spoken of as a possible Secretary of State.

There are occasions when she has even gone against the man she opposed early in the presidential election cycle, such as disagreeing with his idea for a Muslim-ban. And on Russia, she has frequently pushed for a harder line than Trump would allow.

On Monday, Haley found that she had not only gone out on a limb with her hard line on Russia, but also how temperamental her boss could be, when the White House publicly repudiated her announcement that tougher sanctions were on the cards. The President, it was revealed, was not ready for it and the matter was still under consideration. "Trump throws Nikki Haley under the bus," was an oft-heard expression following the debacle.

Trump’s Russia rollback added fuel to the already raging speculation about why he is inexplicably soft on Moscow to the extent of undercutting his aides, intelligence agencies, and security mavens. Jokes abound of his fondness for Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and the liberal media, particularly late night comedians, have gone to town about how he is compromised by Moscow and is a stooge of Russia.