Indian RAW former agent reveals startling facts about corruption in Indian intelligence agency

Indian RAW former agent reveals startling facts about corruption in Indian intelligence agency

WASHINGTON - On October 22, 2015, A RAW agent Ahmer Mustikhan had heckled Pakistan’s visiting prime minister during his speech at the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) for many minutes before he was whisked out of the room by security personnel.

Indian news channels used the heckling incident to run news and talk shows, featuring Ahmer Mustikhan and his views.

Mustikhan has said the Indian spy agency had asked him to heckle then-prime minister Sharif and embarrass him by bringing up the issue of Balochistan during the event.

Mustikhan says in a series of videos that he "was promised huge help by those who were interested in the heckling of Nawaz Sharif. None of those promises were ever fulfilled. There was this gentleman in the Indian embassy who left (for India) in January and never fulfilled his promise. There were other things that happened too," said Mustikhan in his broadcast.

During the same visit when Sharif addressed the General Debate of the United Nations General Assembly, Mustikhan led a protest against Pakistan outside the venue for an organisation called “Free Balochistan Campaign USA” and accused the Pakistani premier of being involved in human rights violations in Balochistan and supporting Bin Laden.

Mustikhan said in the first video that he been a long-standing friend of India and openly sang "Jeeay Hind, Banday Mahatram and Long Live India", but his heart has been broken and that he was let down by RAW operatives.

He alleged in the video that RAW had given three Baloch militant groups $15 million each in the last few years.

"RAW's system is so corrupt that its high officials keep 40 percent of what's earmarked. India should have been engaged in public diplomacy and helping those who are involved in raising the profile of Balochistan issue but while China is trying to build, India is choosing to bomb. India is going in the opposite direction—it should have helped the people who are involved in diplomatic effort," he said.