Who is Erica Robin? The first ever Miss Universe Pakistan 2023

Who is Erica Robin? The first ever Miss Universe Pakistan 2023

Erica Robin, the newly crowned Miss Universe Pakistan 2023, has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing the title and making history as the first woman to represent Pakistan in an international beauty pageant. Her victory is a cause for celebration and pride for the nation, marking a significant moment in Pakistan's pageant history.

This year's competition witnessed fierce competition, with over 200 contestants from around the world vying for the coveted title. Among them, Erica Robin emerged as the deserving winner, earning the opportunity to represent Pakistan on the global stage at the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador.

The 24-year-old model faced tough competition from other talented individuals like Hira Inam, Jessica Wilson, Malyka Alvi, and Sabrina Wasim, all of whom have flourishing professional careers in their own right. Their participation added to the excitement and prestige of the event.

Josh Yugen, the national director of Miss Universe Pakistan, expressed his pride in Erica Robin's historic win, emphasizing that she will not only carry the name of Pakistan but also the diverse and captivating stories of over 210 million Pakistanis from around the world.

In her own words, Erica Robin expressed immense gratitude for being crowned as "the first ever Miss Universe Pakistan." She extended a warm invitation to the global audience to explore the rich culture of Pakistan, highlighting the nation's generous, kind, and hospitable people. She also encouraged everyone to savor the delectable Pakistani cuisine and discover the breathtaking beauty of the country, from its snow-capped mountains to its lush green landscapes.

Erica Robin's victory is a testament to her talent and dedication, and it symbolizes a moment of unity and pride for Pakistan as it prepares to shine on the international stage at the Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador

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