Indian Army preparing for full fledged war against China

Indian Army preparing for full fledged war against China

*Jammu: *The Indian Army has warned China that it will face better trained and better prepared troops this time if it creates war-like conditions in the days to come. The Indian Army also asserted that its troops fully prepared to fight a full-fledged war even in winters in eastern Ladakh.

“If China created conditions for war, they will face a better trained, better prepared, fully rested and psychologically hardened Indian troops,” the Indian Army said in a statement.

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The Army said that compared to physically and psychologically battle-hardened Indian troops, Chinese troops mostly are from urban areas and not used to hardships or prolonged deployment under field conditions.

The Army' Northern Command headquarters made these assertions reacting to China's official media Global Times reports that India's operational logistics is not geared up adequately and it will not be able to fight through winters effectively.

“This can best be attributed to ignorance. Indian Army is fully prepared and more than capable of fighting a full-fledge