Imran Khan disqualification case: SC finds new discrepancy

Imran Khan disqualification case: SC finds new discrepancy
ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan said on Tuesday that there was discrepancy in PTI chief Imran Khan's signatures in his letters to Jemima Khan. 

A hearing of the Imran Khan disqualification case, Imran's lawyer Naeem Bokhari said that the cricketer-turned-politician received 40,000 pounds on May 17, 2004. He said that Imran Khan had received 99,000 pounds from Jemima Khan on 22 May, 2003.

"Declaring that he had received 99,000 pounds would not have provided him any benefit or done any harm to him," argued Bokhari.

Naeem Bokhari conceded that this clarification of his was different from the one which was provided earlier.

The Chief Justice remarked that every single time the veracity of documents submitted in court came under question.

"You don't understand how to prove banking payments," he said, addressing Naeem Bokhari. "Are you trying to make a new case?"

The Chief Justice said that it cannot be proven whether Niazi Services received 99,000 pounds. He said that there was a disparity in Imran Khan's signatures in the letters submitted to the court.