Islamic country unveils indigenous built new Stealth Fighter jet

Islamic country unveils indigenous built new Stealth Fighter jet

TEHRAN - Iran’s deputy defense minister says Iran is producing a laser air defense system and plans to increase the range and precision of its cruise missiles.

“We have acquired laser air defense technology that can be used against small aircraft and quadcopter drones,” General Qassem Taqizadeh said on Saturday.

The system has undergone testing and is now under production, he added, Press TV has reported.

The deputy defense minister also said that new mapping and digital systems were being used to increase the range and precision of cruise missiles as part of a project that would see its testing stages concluded in the near future.

Speaking about Iran’s ballistic missile capabilities, Taqizadeh also said Iran has almost completed a project seeking to upgrade all surface-to-surface missiles with pinpoint-striking capability.

The deputy defense minister further said Iran’s Qaher F-313 stealth fighter aircraft is undergoing continued tests.

The Qaher F-313 project was unveiled in 2013 and has since been undergoing different development and testing stages.

Iran has taken great strides seeking to attain self-sufficiency in producing essential military equipment and defense systems in the face of decades-long sanctions and arms embargoes on the country. [image: PressTV-Iran unveils advanced domestic missile defense system] link The country consequently produces a wide variety of advanced weapons systems and equipment based on its own technological capabilities. link

'Defense sector leads in countering sanctions'

Defense Minister General Amir Hatami said Saturday the only way to effectively counter sanctions against Iran is to rely on increasing Iran’s “power in all essential areas, specifically in the defense sector.”

The defense minister said Iran's defense sector has gained a leading role in successfully overcoming sanctions on the country.

Hatami made the remarks during a special summit regarding sanctions targeting the country’s defense sector.

The defense minister said Iran has become a regional power due to its influence and resistance in the region, adding that this has not been "possible in any way other than relying on our own domestic strength and developing our defense capabilities.”