Good news for Pakistanis from Saudi Arabia

Good news for Pakistanis from Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has removed Pakistan’s name from its list of travel ban countries.

According to the details, Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban on its citizens traveling to Pakistan which was imposed in 2020 amidst the coronavirus pandemic. ------------------------------

The travel ban still holds valid for these countries:

1. India 2. Libya 3. Syria 4. Lebanon 5. Yemen 6. Iran 7. Turkey 8. Armenia 9. Somalia 10. The Democratic Republic of the Congo 11. Afghanistan 12. Venezuela 13. Belarus

The Kingdom will operate international flights at full capacity from Monday (today), opening all its air, land, and sea borders.

People who have received coronavirus vaccines, or who have recovered from the virus in less than six months will be permitted to travel. ------------------------------

Similarly, those below 18 are also allowed to travel if they have a health insurance policy that covers coronavirus-related risks.

The Kingdom will impose institutional quarantine on the arriving passengers from 20 May. This excludes Saudi citizens, their spouses, children, travelers who received COVID-19 vaccines, official delegations, diplomats, and their families.