PML N Stalwarts clash

PML N Stalwarts clash

LAHORE - Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has hit back hard over the comments made by the former interior minister ch Nisar Ali Khan.

He m said that decisions used to come from somewhere else in Chaudhry Nisar’s tenure but it does not happen now.

His statement came in after Ch Nisar said in National Assembly that non-inclusion of Sharif family’s name in Exit Control List (ECL) means that the decision has been made somewhere else and not taken by the interior ministry’s committee.

In an interview, he maintained that he do not want to comment on the previous happenings however; now the decisions of interior ministry come according to constitution and law.

They have made ECL policy open so that no revenge is suspected from it.

“I want to tell Naveed Qamar that if the government intended any conflict, it would not have allowed Dr Asim to fly aboard. We could have produced hurdles in the matter. We would have done the same for Raja Ashraf also but we run the matter fairly,” he asserted.

“Chaudhry Nisar may have forgotten that in August 2016, a Supreme Court verdict said that wherever the words ‘Federal Government’ are written, they mean the cabinet. Including or excluding name from ECL is in the authority of federal government,” he said.

Ahsan Iqbal told that more than 600 cases have been sent to the cabinet for approval including those of Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar which were sent a day before.