Pakistan placed at 92 while India at 118 out of 157 countries in Happiness Index: UN Report

LONDON: Pakistan is reported more happier with a rating of 92 as compared to India which lags behind at 118 out of 157 countries Happiness Index report by UN.


According to World’s Happiness Report 2016, Pakistan is the 2nd happiest country in South Asia with a happiness score of 5.192 points.


As per report, “happiness provides a better indicator of human welfare than do income, poverty, education, health and good government measured separately.”


Bhutan is ranked 1st in South Asia at a rating of 85 in the index.


Arch rival India is lagging behind the nations like Somalia (76), China (83), Pakistan (92), Iran (105), Palestinian Territories (108) and Bangladesh (110).


The report was to be released on March 20 on UN World Happiness Day but released in advance.


Denmark is reported as a World’s Happiest Country with a happiness rating of 7.526.