Government allows Musharraf leave abroad for medical treatment

Government allows Musharraf leave abroad for medical treatment

ISLAMABAD: Federal government has allowed former president Musharraf to leave for abroad for his medical treatment in the light of Supreme Court verdict.


While addressing the press conference here at Thursday in Islamabad, Ch. Nisar said that the name of Musharraf has removed from the list of ECL in the light of SC decision.and now he can fly abroad for his medical treatment.


Interior Minister claimed that Pervaiz Musharraf has promised to appear in the court to face the cases on him while he will come back in Pakistan after his medical treatment.


While criticizing the opponents Nisar said that a specific political group is busy to criticize the every step of government adding that the same political group presented guard of honour to Musharraf and gave him a safe passage to leave  abroad despite of Benzir Bhutto's murder charge on him.


Nisar made it clear that government do not have any personnel grudge with Musharraf as PM Nawaz had already pardoned him but the case of whatever he did with the people of Pakistan would be taken to court for justice.