Four Kashmiri students brutally tortured in Rajasthan over cooking cow beef

NEW DELHI: Four Kashmiri students brutally tortured over rumors of cooking beef in their hostel room in Rajasthan.


Police arrested the students by claiming that they are disturbing peace.


Later police released the students and claimed that the meet was not beef that students were cooking in the room.


Police claimed that the incident happened due to a clash between two student groups.


Heavy police troops were deployed at university premises to control the situation.


Rajasthan Minister claimed that eating beef is illegal in Rajasthan.


He said “It was just a precautionary measure, the students were released respectfully.”


A university official claimed that these fights happen as people belong to different socio-cultural backgrounds.


Hindu extremists are targeting Muslims in the name of religion which has increased during the last 2 years.


A man was also killed in Uttar Pradesh last year in the wake of eating beef.


Amnesty International also warned that intolerance with Muslims and minorities is on the rise in India in Modi government.